Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Morning Time Basket

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you what is in our morning time basket. I've seen this morning basket idea floating around for a while. Now that my boys are getting older they are no longer interested in circle time so I needed something to substitute that so I could still cover things that do not fit into our other school stuff. The morning basket idea was perfect so I just made our own twist to it and we've been enjoying ever since.

I put together a schedule for me to follow so I know what to cover on each day so I wasn't searching for ideas at the last minute.

I put our schedule in a page protector and write with a visa visa marker so I can reuse it. 
I stick in the basket for easy reference. 

Our Schedule:
Every morning we start with our read aloud and memory work (which is normally poems were memorizing) we move on to what ever activity is schedule for that day.Some times I add a word of the day that I've pulled from our reading.
Mondays-Character trait
Tuesday: Poetry
Wednesday: Fair tales/Fables
Thursday: Art History
Friday: Picture books

Character Building:
Our main spines are Children's book of virtues and The adventures of Mali and Keela.  
We usually have one virtue a month we cover and we supplement with picture books and hands on activities.


The Random House Book of Poetry and Where the Sidewalk Ends is two of our spines and I usually will grab books from the library to switch it up. We also use our poem PowerPoint presentation you can check that out here.

Fairy Tales and Fables:

The boys have chosen Aesop's Fables and Stories from Around the World. 

Art History:

I love this book it has a short summary about the artist and the technique they are famous for. It also gives instruction on how to recreate a piece from the artist.

I am also waiting for this book to come in the mail. I've heard great things about it. 

Picture Books:

I wanted to make sure I continue to read picture books to the boys because there are some great ones we've never read. Especially now that my eldest is reading novels and is interested in longer books. 

The boys loved this one!

Read Alouds:

 We're currently reading The Silver Balloon. 

That's it for our morning time basket. Do you have a morning time basket and what are some of your favorite books?

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