Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Procedural Writing: Pie In A Cup

Our writing units have been really fun this year the boys and I both enjoy them. This week we worked on procedural writing 'Pie In A Cup.'

We read a few mentor text and talked about the how the authors wrote the order of their procedure. We also talked about the importance of writing it in a logical order.

The boys practiced putting the ingredients in a logical order.

We worked together and made our pie the boys chose their transition words and wrote out each step as we made it.

Adding Descriptive words:

We talked about adding words using our senses what it smelled like, tasted like, looked like, and felt like.

I loved that this was so hands on. The boys would spin a sense and use the thesaurus and find a good adjective to add to our chart. 

Adding Vivid Verbs:

This was another great hands on way for the boys to add vivid verbs into their writing.

Once we gathered all our verbs the boys went through their writing and replaced all the boring verbs for more vivid ones. 

Editing and Final Draft:

They love editing their work and using all the different highlighters. They know exactly what to correct and how to improve their writing.

I keep their final draft in page protectors so they don't get ruined in the binders. 

We loved this procedural unit and the boys learned so much you can find this unit here. 

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