Friday, 22 July 2016

1st Grade Independent Reading List (2016-2017)

Hi guys Today I wanted to share with you our first graders independent reading list for this upcoming school year. Even though he is an official 1st grader this year he reads at about a 3rd grade level. I have to also mention that he isn't that enthusiastic about reading. He will read whenever I ask him to pick a book and read but he won't read on his own (does that make sense). I did some searching on books that think he will like and this is what I came up with.

But before I share the list with you can we talk about this Heidi Swapp light box. I am in love! I purchased it at Michael's with a 40% coupon. The sign is from Learning in Wonderland. Now back to the list :).

1. Canadian Flyer Series;
This series is sort of like The Magic Tree House series except it goes over Canadian facts and history. Both boys will read through this series and see how much we can get through. These books will tie into our Canadian geography studies.

Canadian Flyer Map

I believe there are 7 books in this series. I've never read any of them but based on the reviews it sounds like something that he might enjoy. I purchased the first 3 books and will get the rest once I see if he likes it or not. 

Product Details

3. Non Fiction
I've chosen 3 non-fiction for him to read 1 biography and 2 history based books. I love the step into reading books and so does he. I was glad when I discovered their biography and history readers.  Discovery in a cave, I am Jane Goodall , Explorers who made it or died trying.

 To go along with his reading I purchased him a Read and Response Journal from lakeshore learning. We will also be using a fiction comprehension tub from lakeshore learning. 

The comprehension tubs can be used for any book which I love.

To encourage him with his reading I created a reading folder to keep track of all the books he reads. At the back of the folder I put a reading certificate to award to him at the end of the school year. Once he is finished with a book he can either check it off or place a sticker next to the book.

You can grab this free certificate from here.

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