Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Preschool Farm Unit (Day 1)

My son is obsessed with animals especially farm animals (pigs, cows, roosters, etc.). This was the perfect unit for him. For our first day I put together some phonics, math, and sensory activities.

I put together a schedule, I will be using this loosely. If I find things to add I'll do that or if something I've planned doesn't interest him I will take it off. You can click on the image to download our schedule.



 Roll and cover the corresponding number. I used farm animal counters to cover the numbers. To read more about this activity go here.

Sensory/Life Skill:

Scoop and transfer Activity

For phonics we worked on beginning sound identification using Melissa and Doug farm magnets. I call out the name of the animal/object and he listens for the beginning sound and matches it. 

He's starting to get the hang of identifying the beginning sound. I kept this activity up all day and he went back several times and worked on it independently.

I'll do a separate post on all the farm themed books we enjoyed but I'll share this one. It was his favorite he walked around with it all day. Open the Barn Door is a lift the flap book with simple text and colorful pictures.

Other Material I used:
  1. Magnet board
  2. White Tray

That's it for day 1. I hope you enjoyed some of those activities and I'll see you in my next post :).

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