Friday, 22 July 2016

Beginning Sound Practice With Cars

We've been on a roll with our car themed activities. Today I wanted to share with you a fun hands on way that we practiced beginning sounds. This activity is easy to set up and it's a lot of fun.

  1. Objects that start with each letter (I used Safari Toob figurines)
  2. Cars 
  3. Tape
  4. Marker
I gathered all the objects that I had around the house and some cars. I Used painters tape and wrote the beginning sounds for each object and adhered it to the car. That's it very low prep! I had my son lay out all the figurines and I would say the name of the object emphasizing the beginning sound (ex: /a/ /a/ alligator) "can you find me /a/. Once he found the sound I was asking for he would drive the car over and park it next to the alligator.

 If you don't have cars you can simple use letters or any other object you have around the house.

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  1. Ayan:

    Renae Eddy recommended you and your work.

    Love the low-prep aspect - it helps the children get straight into the work.

    And I saw something about expanding letter play.

    Looking forward to the farm unit. Makes me think of a passionate 12-year-old farmer in Peterborough [some way from a certain university City].

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I love low prep activities :). Thanks for stopping by.


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