Friday, 22 July 2016

Preschool Letter C Activities

Letter: C
Shape: Triangle
Color: Red
Vocabulary Theme: Transportation 

Hi guys! I am sharing another of our letter themed activities today. We focused on the letter C and all things transportation. 

We counted from 1-10 and focused on some 1:1 correspondence. He has gotten the hang of counting and recognizes his numbers from 1-10 now so we will be moving on and learning from 11-20 next. 
You can read all about this fun simple activity here

We also worked on some shape recognition, our main focus was triangle. Thanks to Preschool Prep he is getting really good at his shapes. 

We reviewed circle and square also. This printable is from here

Fine Motor

With this activity he practiced both color recognition and fine motor skills. I gave him some jars and filled it with a little bit of food color and water. I called out a color and he used the eye dropper to suck up the water and put it into an empty jar. He played with this activity for a long time.

Sensory Play

 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom sensory play with colored rice and pony bead alphabets. 

 The alphabet mats are from Kinder Tribe.

Language Activities

 Printable from Living Montessori Now.

We practiced beginning sounds using cars and Safari Toob figurines. You can read more about this post here


That's it! I hope you enjoyed reading about our preschool fun. I'll see you in my next post :).

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