Thursday, 14 July 2016

Preschool Letter B Activities

Letter: B
Color: Yellow
Shape: Circle
Vocabulary theme: Butterflies/Bugs

Hi guys! I'm back to share another letter of the week activities with you. We took last week off because of Eid we had lots of fun with the family. This week we concentrated on the letter B.

For math we worked on number identification and 1:1 correspondence using Montessori sand paper numbers and butterfly Safari Toob. He enjoyed tracing the numbers and counting all the different butterflies.

We also worked on color recognition using some colorful bugs that I purchased on amazon.

This was by far his favorite activity all week. He requested to play with the bugs all week long. 

We also worked on size sorting Large, Medium, Small

Sensory Play
For sensory he explored bugs with beans and a magnifying glass. 

Learning Notebook

Uppercase/lowercase sort

 beginning spelling practice. Matching letters. 

 Letter B Mystery Bag

 He loves our mystery bag activity. We practiced beginning /b/ sound b is for baby, bottle, bee, ball, button.


 Our focus color was Yellow this week so we painted our butterfly yellow.

Fine Motor 

I didn't take many pictures of him cutting because I needed to closely supervise him with this activity.



That's it! I can't wait for our next letter activities. :)

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