Saturday, 27 August 2016

Bone Review

The boys and I are loving our science curriculum this year. We are using Apologia Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology (read all about our curriculum here). This week we wrapped up the second lesson which focuses on the skeletal system. To help the boys retain all the names of the bones we learned through out this lesson I came up with a fun way to utilize our foam skeleton puzzle.

What You Will Need:
  1. Learning Resource large skeleton puzzle (if you don't have this or don't want to purchase it you can use this printable here). 
  2. Labels found at the end of this post. I printed mine on different colored paper just to make it more colorful.
  3. We used our text book to check our answers (if you don't have that you can use this).

after putting the puzzle together the boys went to label as many bones as possible without any help. 

Here they are using the text book to make corrections. I think they labeled two bones wrong, which isn't bad at all.

This was a fun hands on way for me to see what they remembered without quizzing them. It also helped them learn to work together, if one didn't know the answer the other did.
click on the image to download.

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