Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Introduction to Canadian Geography

Hi guys! This year my boys and I will be learning all about Canada. Last year we studied world geography so we're excited to learn about our home land.

Here's a schedule I made and followed loosely. 

What we learned:
  • Canada is on the continent of North America
  • It has 10 Provinces and 3 Territories 
  • All about the Canadian flag (its origin, what the colors represent, and the adequate of the flag)
  • Canada is a melting pot (multicultural)
  • Main languages (French and English)
  • We learned the national anthem
  • Canadian symbols (beavers, maple leaf, etc.)
  • Bodies of Water (Oceans, and lakes)

 The boys colored and labeled a map of Canada. They also identified major bodies of water.


 Canada's official colors and red and white.

Red represents war and the white represents peace.

National Anthem:

Since were homeschoolers I realized that my boys will never be exposed to what the national anthem sounds like. We listened to a few versions using YouTube and did a fill in the blank worksheet. 

 Canadian Symbols:

Directed Drawing of a Maple Leaf.

We read all about beavers using this great book and made a beaver lodge. 



 A video about beavers and how they build their lodges. 

Introduction to Canada


That concludes our intro into Canada activities. We're off to Newfoundland and Labrador next :).

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