Thursday, 8 December 2016

Character Study Curriculum

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you what we have been using for our virtues/character education. In the previous years I've always just kind of threw things together for this aspect of our homeschool. So, this year it was really important for me to have a solid plan for character education.


This book gives you one-manner to focus on a day and how to exercises. 

This book is a collection of stories that deal with the development of good character. 

This book has 13 adventure stories that introduces the concept of virtues behavior and how it can make
the world a better place. 

Coloring Page/Narration:

I create a coloring page for each virtue while I read the story. At the end of the week the boys write in their journals a prompt that focuses on that trait. 

 Read Alouds:

To enhance our character building I grab some books from the library for the boys to read during their independent reading time.

 Some of the books we have enjoyed are One Hen, The Quilt Makers Gift, 
The Giving Tree, Rainbow Fish, etc.

We usually work on character education on Mondays as part of our morning basket, you can check out that post here. I also include stories that talk about some of the characteristics of the Prophet (SAW) and stories of his companions. We also read from the Quran and draw lessons from our reading.

That's it! What do you use for character education in your homeschool?

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