Saturday, 24 December 2016

Biography Research Report

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you what I have planned for the new year in our homeschool. The first unit we will be getting into is a biography study right after the Christmas break. The boys have narrowed their choices down to four people Jacques Cousteau, Jane Goodall, Waterhouse Hawkins, Wilson 'Snowflake' Bentley. We will be studying those 4 people in depth and along with that we will read many biographies of other important people.

How We Will Do This

The boys will do a research report on their chosen individual two for each child. I have gathered resources to aid them in their research.


Image result for who is jane goodall
Image result for waterhouse hawkins


I wanted them to also use other sources to gather information so I gathered some QR codes for them to use so that the research was as independent as possible.

 They will use a QR code reader and it will take them to safe 
websites and videos to support their research. 

Research Folders:

They boys will each get a folder that contains their research notebook any articles I've gathered and the qr codes. 

The folders will help keep everything together so that papers don't go missing and I don't have 
a mess every where. 

Inside their research notebook I put Q cards so that they could take notes. 
I separated the notebook into sections to keep their notes organized.

For each biography I will throw in some art for the boys to work on to keep everything fun.

Research Notebook (I only used the cover from this file and her idea for the pockets)
QR codes for Jane Goodall (this file only has the Jane Goodall QR codes)
Click on the image to download (this file contains Snowflake Bentley, Jacques Cousteau) 
Please preview before giving it to your child. I tried my best to find good clean websites and videos but 
you can never be a 100% :)

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