Thursday, 1 December 2016

Art History: Kandinsky

Hi guys! As part of our morning basket on Thursday we work on a little art history. We read a book about an artist, watch a video, and recreate a piece by the artist. We recently learned all about Kandinsky and recreated one of his famous pieces.

What we learned:
  1. His art work is called abstract
  2. He listened to music while painting
  3. He painted what the music made him feel
  4. He was born in Moscow Russia
  5. His paintings are made of lots of shapes
  6. He was a teacher and started art when he was 30
  7. He died at the age of 78

We read out of The Usborne Art Treasury

Image result for kandinsky picture books
We also read this picture book. I borrowed it from the library as an e-book. 

We watched a brief biography on youtube. 

Art Work:

We recreated his circles painting using oil pastels and water colors. 

I gave the boys card stock paper that I folded making 6 squares and they drew circles in each square leaving space between each circle. 

Once they drew all their circles they painted each square a different color using water colors. 

That was an easy, fun artist study!

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  1. I love painting concentric circles, somehow my son was never interested in them!


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