Thursday, 15 December 2016

Art History: Henri Mattise

Hi guys! This Thursdays art history lesson was all about Henri Matisse. We watched a video all about his life, read a few books, and recreated one of his famous creations.

What We Learned:
  1. He was born in France in 1869
  2. He studied to become a lawyer but fell ill shortly after that
  3. His mother purchased him some paint and he was hooked ever since
  4. He became to ill to stand up and paint on the easel
  5. He began creating scenes out of shapes
  6. He called his work "scissor painting"

 We read from The Usborne Art Treasure

 We listened to a reading of Henri's Scissors on YouTube.

We also enjoyed this animation video on Henri Matisse's life

Art Work

The boys worked on a collage pieces using instructions from the Usborne Art Treasure book. 

The boys cut up all their shapes. We talked about the best way to layer the shapes (large pieces first, medium size pieces next, and the small pieces last)

That's it for our artist study! The boys have already chosen the next artist they want to study about, Damien Hirst. They were fascinated with the his spin painting technique.

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