Thursday, 8 December 2016

Sight Word PowerPoint Presentation

Hi guys! My preschooler has been working on sight words lately, to help him with this task I put together a PowerPoint presentation. Some of the sight words included so far are I, play, is, said, he, that, a, the, you, in, have, to, go, had, my, are, here, like. I will be adding more words as we get to them. Each slide includes the sight word, a sentence and a picture to go along with the sentence. I also included a recording of me reading the sight word and sentence, so I don't always have to be next to him. Feel free to turn off the volume if you don't need that part of the presentation. I hope you find this resource useful.
Click on the image to download
At the end of the 9 sight words there is a review page. 
Clip art from My Cute Graphics

I've included a video of my son listening to the sight words. Please excuse the background noise I have four boys :). 

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