Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Cricket In Time Square Book Report

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you my 3rd graders book report for the book The Cricket in Time Square. He really enjoyed reading this book and worked on a fun Amazon listing novel project. We started off by going through listings on Amazon for books we've read together in the past. This gave us a a format and helped us gather ideas.

I used two white construction papers to make the book report. You can grab the free printable from here which shows you how to divide up the sections and what to include.

He worked on about 2-3 sections each day. The first section asked him to design a book 
cover and draw to scenes from the book. He chose to make his book cover on the computer with my help. 
The next section was writing 2 sentences to hook a reader.  

The next two sections were about a book summary and writing some product
details. Age range, grade level, pages, publisher, etc. 

He also had to include five book recommendations, quotes from the book, and a review plus rate the books. He gave it 4 stars

We both really loved working on this book report. It gave me a chance to check what he got from the book and he enjoyed writing out his book recommendations and pretending to be a marketing expert.

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