Friday, 15 January 2016

Apologia Exploring Creation With Astronomy Lesson 1 & 2

We have finally finished lesson 1 and 2 of our science curriculum. I wanted to recap some of the fun things we did in both lessons, and share with you some of the free printables and books we read.

To kick off our astronomy study the boys and I did a really fun activity "If I discovered a Planet" where they pretended to discover a new planet, and come up with a name for it. Click here for that intro lesson and check at all the fun we had.

Now onto lesson 1 and 2.

Lesson 1:
  •  We learned what astronomy is
  • NASA
  • Satellites both natural and artificial
  • We learned about Stonehenge
  • We put together our solar system model
  • We also learned about constellations
  • And many other wonderful things.
I also loved that it referred everything back to God. Even though we are not Christian we still believe that Allah (God) is the creator of everything.

I purchased this kit at Michaels. I will say that its not the best kit I might go with something a little different next time.

Galaxy craft

We completed some notebooking pages, you can find the order of the planets worksheet here.

We read Another Day on the Milk Way and Every Planet Has a Place. My boys enjoyed both these books, lots of colorful pictures and just the right amount of text.

We also watched Bill Nye the Science Guy (Planets) and The Magic School Bus Gets Lost in Space.

Lesson 2:

The main focus of lesson 2 was "The Sun". Even though my son already had a lot of information about space and the solar system. He learned tons of new facts, the book held his interest :).

Some of the things we learned about
  • The sun is a star
  • The sun is all the colors of the rainbow
  • Why we should not look at the sun
  • We made a home made thermometer
  • We made a pinhole viewing box
  • Did some chromatography craft 
  • A solar eclipse demonstration
We didn't get to melt chocolate because its winter here and we didn't get a lot of sun shine this week. I will be reviewing this lesson and doing some of the activities we skipped when the weather warms up.

 The boys are working on some notebooking pages. Rotate and Revolve Graphic Organizer


They're demonstrating rotating and revolving

We made a homemade thermometer.
Chromatography Craft 

Both boys also did a presentation on why you should not stare at the sun for their dad. Check out the video :).
Instead of a sun college we did a fun rainbow sun craft.
Notebooking page, you can find this free printable here

Layers of the sun with Play-doh 

Here are some of the books we enjoyed about the sun

Finally we watched  "The Sun" Bill Nye Science Video.


  1. How wonderful! I've been trying for a few years now to get my boys interested in space and the planets. I'd love to do a unit like these; such wonderful ideas!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by. Give it a try and let me know how it goes :)


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