Friday, 22 January 2016

Vertebrates and Invertebrates Unit Study

Some of the things we learned:
  • What is a vertebrate/invertebrate
  • There are 5 groups of vertebrates (mammals, Fish, Birds,Reptiles and Amphibians)
  • The major groups of invertebrates (Flat worms, round worms, segmented worms, mollusks, sea stars and arthropods).
  • We read some picture books on both types of animals
  • learned a song I found online about the major groups of invertebrates. 
  • watched some science videos.

 The boys sorted the vertebrate groups. You can find this FREE worksheet here.

Vertebrate craft. Idea for this craft came from here.

Vertebrate and Invertebrate Sort. You can find this FREE worksheet here

After we learned about arthropods the boys drew a picture of each kind. 

The boys labeled the different parts of a snail. You can find this worksheet here.

To help us memorize the major groups of invertebrates I found these flash cards here. I attached them to a magnet and used them on our magnetic white board.

This set does come with a card for arthropods. I just can't find mine :)

Jelly Fish Craft

We read these books during our unit. Bone by Bone and Sea Bones was our favorite.

Some videos we watched:

We also watched Bill Nye the Science Guy Invertebrates but I cant find a good quality one. I got ours from the library.

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