Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How I Prepare For My Homeschool Week

Having 4 children and 2 under 2 can make homeschooling a challenge sometimes. That is why I like to be as prepared as possible. This helps me; (1) stay sane (2) keeps me on task (3) it helps my boys have a routine, no guessing what were going to do that day.

Getting ready for homeschooling starts way before we start our year. I take the summer to lay out a plan. I purchase all my curriculum and sit down and take everything apart. I like to give my boys worksheets rather than the whole book. It just helps them feel like the task is do able.

 I pull out their work out of this binder. It contains all their reading comprehension, vocabulary, math, etc.

When I plan I don't write down any page numbers or how much I would like them to complete. Sometimes they work ahead and sometimes they do a page. That is okay with me as long as they are completing at least a page a day. I also write down what subjects we will be doing on what day. I have a main board that I refer to for the rest of the school year.

We use a workbox system in our homeschool. It helps me stay organized and keeps the boys on task.

So after my school year is planned, all I have to do is pull out worksheets and write down what they need to get done that day.

I start preparing for my homeschool week on Sunday. I put away all the work that they completed from the week before and mark anything that is left.

I store all completed work in this binder.

I use a spiral notebook and make a list for both boys. I have a section for independent work and a section for 'mommy teaches'. They always start with independent work and they come to me if they need help with anything.

 As for the subjects I teach they are spelling, science, history, geography and Arabic. I have prepared all the worksheets and what we cover each day ahead of time. I refer to our main white board which I showed above and our group study binder.

On Sunday I sit down go over page numbers, library books that I need to grab, and any supplies for science I am missing. I write those things down on my notebook that I carry around with me all week.

I hope that wasn't too confusing and it was helpful to you. Please leave me a comment if you have any specific questions.

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  1. No not confusing at all. I love how you plan a year ahead. I'm not really good at that. I do have their math and English planned but everything else kind of happens as we go. We like to go to many museums and travel often and we usually do unit studies as we go. Thanks for inspiring me. I love how you have a folder so you can keep their work in. Unless it is a big project, I usually throw it out. I know that many years done the road I would love to see all their school work. :)

    1. Thank you! It can accumulate fast but sometimes I don't have the heart to throw it out :)I love that you travel often were in a season that its hard but we love field trips.

  2. <3 Love that you do a year ahead too. Me -- I'm lucky if I do the week. To often we fly by the seat of our pants and with high school next year I know I can no longer do that. :D

    1. High school already eek! good luck mama :)

  3. Very inspiring Ayan. Love how organized you are mashaAllah. You should do a class/post on how to plan ahead and figure out what to teach when as I get overwhelmed with all the planning.

    1. Your so sweet Faiza!!! I'll definitely work on a post about how to plan and how I figure out what to teach :). So happy you left me a comment Yay!!!


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