Monday, 18 January 2016

Art Projects from Around the World (Ghana)

Today's craft comes to you from Ghana. We made woven paper Kente cloth, which is a colorful patterned fabric traditionally made by the Ashanti people of Ghana.

Large pieces of cloth are made from long, narrow strips of silk, rayon, or cotton, which are sewn together. Geometric shapes and patterns are repeated in the weaving and are combined with distinct decorative techniques. Gold, red, black, and green are the colors most often used.

There is a popular legend which originates back to this beautiful textile. The story says a weaver learned his skill by studying a spider weaving its web.

Kente cloth is considered special by the Ashanti and only worn on important occasions.

We located Ghana on the map

The activity set up

After the boys weaved their pattern. I showed them some pattern ideas.

This craft was a lot of fun, and as you can see its easy to get carried away with the patterns ;). I hope you enjoyed this craft and let us know if you make your own :).

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