Thursday, 28 January 2016

Writing with the Traits: Word Choice

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My 7 year old and I have been working through Using Picture Books to Teach Writing With the Traits by Ruth Culham and Raymond Coutu. This is is a fantastic book it has easy to follow lessons and connects writing with picture books.

We did a lesson on word choice, we read Max's Words. Max's two older brothers have a collection and Max wants one too. He decides to collect words-long ones, short ones, interesting ones, and ones that capture his imagination. Eventually with the help of his brothers, Max writes a short story using many of his favorite words.

My son really enjoyed this story, after reading the book we started a word collection of our own. We gathered all our supplies.

Just like Max we collected all types of words; interesting words, words we didn't know the meaning to, happy words, etc. We used magazines and newspapers.

We used a mason jar to collect all our words. Even my 5 year old joined in, it was a lot of fun for both boys. They did not want to stop. I love lessons like these it incorporates great literature and hands on learning. We will be adding to our words and completing the rest of the lesson during the week.

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  1. I love using picture books to teach writing. My son's writing teacher frequently does this. She also emphasizes that the students use strong verbs, quality adjectives and ly adverbs! Thanks for joining us at the #LMMLinkup.

  2. Thanks for having me. I love your literacy link up.


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