Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Our History Curriculum

For our History Curriculum this year we are using Story of the World as our main spine along with the activity guide and The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History. 

I am using Build Your Library ancient world schedule and literature recommendations. I love Build Your Library's choices of literature. I wanted our curriculum this year to be literature reach. Its a secular program and she uses both classics and modern books. We used her geography curriculum last year and some of this year. My boys loved all the books, I am not affiliated just love her program :). 

We have only completed 3 lessons so far, but this is one subject my kids want to do every day. I have it scheduled for twice a week. But sometimes we end up doing it every day.

I put all our notebooking pages in a binder.

I wanted to share all the fun activities we have done so far.

Chapter 1:
We did an archaeology dig and made a dig report, cave painting, and a timeline of their life. We also did a family tree activity.

Color page found in the Story of the World activity guide.
Chapter 2:
The Double Crown

This is my 7 years notebooking page on King Narmer 

The boys painted the Egyptian Empire and Labeled their map.

All these activities were spread out and they picked which ones they wanted to complete. The chapters in the book are very short and interesting. 

Here are some of the books that we read.

I will share more as we get into the book :) I am very happy so far with our curriculum choice.

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