Monday, 4 January 2016

If I Discovered A Planet (Exploring Creation with Astronomy)

For the second half of our school year the boys wanted to learn about astronomy. The main book we are using is Exploring Creation with Astronomy by Apologia. 

I just purchased the text book and decided to make my own notebooking pages. The boys designed the covers of their books and I had the book spiral bounded at staples.

Notebooking page cover

Today was our first day starting our journey through Astronomy. I thought it would be fun if the boys did a creative activity. I purchased some Styrofoam balls from the dollar store, and told them to pretend they discovered a new planet. They painted their "planets" and came up with names. 

I really liked this activity it helped the boys be really creative, and the end project turned out wonderful. 

We read "Every Planet Has a Place" which the boys really enjoyed. It was full of colorful pictures and just the right amount of information. 
This is my 5 year old's planet. He says,
 "This is Planet Fridge I named it Fridge because the temperature of the planet is really cold. But people and plants can live there because their bodies can adapt" 
This is my 7 year old's planet. He says,
"This is Planet Omar (he named it after him self because he discovered it). Its similar to earth except it has
way more gravity. Humans live on this planet but not plants they are not allowed. If anyone brings
plants they go to jail. How do people get oxygen? (I asked). Through oxygen tanks all over the planet.
The white parts of the planet are inhabited and the colored parts
are like different continents."
While we waited for their planets to dry we worked on this worksheet. I found this worksheet from The Primary Theme Park.
 I added a picture of their planets at the top of the page.

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