Friday, 8 January 2016

Weekly Wrap Up Post

This week has been a blast for me and the boys. I wanted to share with you some of the things we did this week.

We finished the first lesson in Exploring Creation with Astronomy. I am so happy I went with this program, it is interesting and full of new information. My oldest loves all things space and he already had some knowledge on the topic. But this book took it to another level for him.

 We made a model of the solar system, worked on our notebooking journal, learned the order of the planets, and finished off with a galaxy craft.


We finished reading chapter three in Story of the World. Wrote in our notebooking journal and made some cuneiform clay writing. We also tested why clay tablets last longer than paper. 

We are currently studying South Africa. We colored a map of South Africa, identified and learned the capital city. Colored the flag of South Africa, and we also learned all about Nelson Mandela.

 Friday Is usually our light day. We do some hands on science experiments, lots of reading and any work that was not completed during the week. This Friday the kids and I did two really fun science experiement on air pressure. Check out the video!

Crushing Can Experiment

 Floating Water Experiment

This is just some of the things we did this week :) I hope you guys had a wonderful homeschool week.

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