Saturday, 30 January 2016

What Read Alouds Look Like at Our House

If you want kids to want to read...Then read amazing books aloud every single day.

I remember reading the importance of reading aloud to your children, before I started homeschooling. I remember thinking that is a fantastic idea. I am a reader at heart I love books.

Sounded simple and amazing I couldn't wait to try it out. We signed up for a book club, I purchased the book I believe it was Charlotte's Web. I sat down with the boys and started reading the first chapter. Half way into the chapter they were wiggling around, fidgeting and getting that look in their eyes, you know that look when you've lost them-yeah that look. 

I thought I was doing something wrong. Maybe my voice was to boring, maybe the reading selection wasn't interesting. Well thank god for the internet, I read and read and finally realized I am not alone. Most homeschooling parents had the same complaint. I read some tips and suggestions and was determined not to give up.

Now these ideas are not new ideas and have seen many suggestions like these all over the internet But I'll share anyway.

1. Give them coloring books (sounds simple but very effective)

I took them to the dollar store and let them pick out their favorite coloring books and some new crayons. It worked like a charm, they were keeping their hands busy and I had their attention. Win win right.

2. Puzzles 


My kids love puzzles and are allowed to do them anytime, but I put some aside just for read aloud time. I try to make sure they are fairly easy and they can just do it with out giving it to much thought.

3. The boys also use spiral notebooks and draw and take notes about what were reading about.

I let them write in pen and I also let them use markers. Its something they don't get to do a lot. So it makes it more exciting.

4. Copy work/ Crossword Puzzles

The  crossword puzzles have to be simple and I only give it to my eldest, because he really enjoys them

I hope those suggestions were helpful for you. What do you do during read aloud time?

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