Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Beginning Arabic Readers

I wanted to share with you guys some Arabic Readers I used with my son when he was first learning how to read Arabic. I am also planning on using these books with my 5 year old, who is just beginning to read Arabic. The way I use this set is, I read the story to my son and he reads it back to me. We discuss vocabulary and I ask the comprehension questions from the activity guide.

We are not an Arabic speaking household, but my husband and I understand a lot more than we can speak. So with that in mind we used it as an opportunity for the whole family to practice reading, writing and speaking Arabic.

This set comes with two groups of books. They begin with short one word pages and lots of pictures to give some context clues.

The set also comes with flash cards that you can practice with your child. Sort of like high frequency words in the story.
As your child progress the sentences in the books start to get longer and more vocabulary is added.

At the back of each book they have a review section where you can go over all the new vocabulary your child practiced in the story.

The next set of books get more advance and introduce more vocabulary. The layout is pretty much the same in all the books, lots of colorful pictures, same characters through out the books, and new vocabulary review at the end of each book.

The only thing that I will say is that as the set advances and more sentences are introduced the font gets smaller and smaller. That's something to keep in mind if that sort of thing bothers you.

What I loved about this set of beginning readers is that it comes with a book of activities. Comprehension questions, matching vocabulary, fill in the blank and some coloring pages. The activity book is small and a little awkward to write in so I just wrote out the questions for my son.

Keep in mind that Arabic books have a long way to go to meet the standards we are use to. But I liked that they were simple enough for my son to read and enjoy.

I hope this was helpful for anyone that was looking into Arabic readers. I'll be back to share more Arabic children's books. :)

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